Server not responding

The quick link is a direct link to your steam and someties it is blocked. In the case the quick link option doesn't work we suggest our customers add the server to their steam favorites. You can do this quickly and easily per the below instructions.

Step 1: Go to your steam
Step 2: Click View
Step 3: Click Servers
Step 4: Click the favorites tab
Step 5: Click add server and add your IP:QueryPort. This can be found in your game panel login under query information.
Step 6: Your server should now be in the list and available for you to join! 

Sidenote: If your server says not responding or no server at this location - its is most likely still processing. You can submit a ticket below if this has taken more than 15 or 20 mins. 

If you have any issues please contact our support with this link.
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