How to install or update mods using ModManager

How to install and update mods

Step #1 – Stop your server – click stop in your control panel.

Step #2 – Find the button in your control panel that says CommandLine Manager.

Step #3 – In your command line manager select the predefined command Default + Mod Manager. 

Step #4 - Go to your configuration files

Step #5 Add the mods to the game.ini under [modinstaller]. The format is ModIDS=PlaceModIdHere.

Step #6 – add the mod id’s to your gameusersettings.ini and find where it says ActiveMods=. You will then add your mods to that link in the format ActiveMods=1111111,2222222,333333. 111111 and 22222 are examples of where to place your mod ID. In my example mine will look like ActiveMods=731604991, 719928795, 681746361, 895711211.

Step #7- Start your server back up and it should install and or update whatever mods are in your .ini files. You are done!

IF you have any issues please submit a ticket and let us help you!

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